Some words of wisdom from Betty Culbreath.

Important points for her are:

  • That she’s working for free today… on her day off.
  • An email about a pool raft that holds 6 people [because that’s totally relevant] not any one of the hundreds of other emails that talk about the issue at hand.
  • Informing us how Sam’s and Trammell Crow have only do good and have busted their behinds for Dallas
  • Pointing out how Trammell Crow has been here longer than we have. That the people of this neighborhood come from somewhere else. [she might not have heard but Trammell Crow is dead and that who we’re dealing with now is CBRE, dummy]
  • Pointing out how anyone who opposes this big-box development in our neighborhood is a $30k millionaires & bigots.
  • How it’s not OUR neighborhood [the people who actually live in the neighborhood] but that it’s everyone’s neighborhood.
  • And that she’s working for us for free today!
I must take a break fm Facebook and Dallas politics. My mind is on overload, from the lies told about zoning case ,to the blatant disregard of law and due process by the very people who proclaim to want less government.It’s enough to make me after 45 years of free public service bid it goodbye.I will sign off for now.
July 11th • Facebook